Protagonists in Conversation


Stassfurt has "given up" its problem

Interview with Gerald Meyer

"The Kaligarten is a site to remember the traditions of the potash miners.”
Gerald Meyer minig office Staßfurt (retd.) and chairman of the miners’ association “Wiege des Kalibergbaus” e.V. Staßfurt


On the Enthusiasm for public Planning Processes

Interview with Prof. Ulla Luther

"The workshop unleashed enormous enthusiasm among the local population."
Prof. Ulla Luther, State Councillor (Retd.)


Stassfurt's Development has worldwide Relevance

Interview with Armin Forker

"Staßfurt’s problem is exceptionally complicated, but also exciting for scientists."
Armin Forker, head of division in the Ministry for Economy and Labour Saxony-Anhalt


Info: Staßfurt

(Municipal Area of 2010)
1989: 41.325
2009: 29.456
2025: 22.808 (Future Prospect)

Municipal Area: 146,53 qkm

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