IBA Book 2: Civic Cultur

June 2005

There is currently an unprecedented need for citizens’ commitment – in planning, local politics, social and employment market policies. But what has become of initiatives, round table discussions and vociferous citizens’ intervention? This book sets out to investigate changes in civil culture and its potential for urban redevelopment: commercialisation and self-organised projects, transnational networks and fast-moving styles of leisure characterise the wide range of contemporary civil culture. And strategies of planning such as activation, empowerment and self-organisation may now be distinguished. The publication reflects the opportunities and constraints which these represent for urban redevelopment.

Volume 2: Zivile Kultur / Civic Culture

Die anderen Städte – The other cities. IBA Stadtumbau 2010

Elisabeth Kremer for the IBA Office (Ed.)

224 pages, with numerous illustrations
Broschur, 16.5 x 24 cm, ca. 750 g
Euro 24.80, sFr 42.20

Edition Bauhaus, volume 18
Published by Jovis, Berlin
ISBN: 3-936314-98-5