IBA Book 6: City and Heritage

September 2007

Which role does the historic legacy play in the future of a city? This question is especially vital for cities that are facing demographic change, economic transformation and a diminishing population. Innovative strategies are needed – also beyond the current parameters of preservation of monuments. New aspects in the discourse surrounding the preservation of historic buildings are up for discussion. Volume VI of the IBA Stadtumbau 2010 series includes contributions discussing contemporary approaches and strategies for the preservation of monuments and historic buildings. That urban development planning on the conditions of “shrinking” means above all an examination and reevaluation of the buildings at hand, is illustrated using select cities such as Quedlinburg, Mérida, Guimaraes,´Lutherstadt Eisleben, Halle-Neustadt, Le Havre, Ljubljana, Sibiu and Novi Beograd. Cooperative stragies and a new perspective on the city as a whole are needed.

Volume 6: Stadt und Erbe/ City and Heritage

Die anderen Städte – The other cities. IBA Stadtumbau 2010

Elke Mittmann for the IBA-Office (Ed.)

224 pages, with numerous illustrations
Brochure, 16.5 x 24 cm, ca. 800 g
Euro 24.80, sFr 42.20

Edition Bauhaus, volume 27
Published by Jovis, Berlin
ISBN 978-3-936314-87-8