Urbanity and Infrastructure

5th International Congress of the IBA Stadtumbau 2010

Network City Bitterfeld-Wolfen

From the 17th to 19th September 2008 current and future concepts of urbanity and infrastructure were in the centre of the 5th International Congress of IBA Urban Redevelopment 2010. The congress provided insight in the infrastructural backstage of public squares, buildings and social routines. It is the partially invisible or inconspicuous infrastructures that ensure the day-to-day functioning of urban life. The range comprises utility networks as a technological foundation, but also educational establishments and social infrastructure.

If cities have to be redeveloped due to outmigration and demographic change, the question arises if the infrastructure can remain a stable factor. The congress aimed to show creative possibilities of dealing with infrastructures. Architects, researchers, film-makers, engineers, designers and philosophers were invited to exchange opinions and experience on “Creative Infrastructures“.  

  • Wed., 17th September 2008, 18:00h: 
    Plenary session: Introductory contributions and presentations, Refectorium in the Lutherhaus, Lutherstadt Wittenberg
    Collegienstr. 54, 06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg
  • Thu., 18th September 2008, 10:00h: 
    Parallel local workshops at three venues (1-3) in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Bitterfeld Wolfen and Stendal

    Questions, potentials and individual projects in the context of IBA Urban Redevopment 2010 were discussed at three local workshop in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Bitterfeld-Wolfen and Stendal.  International experts, local actors and employees of the IBA office guided the workshops and provide information on the respective topics in short papers and presentations. The participants in the Congress were invited to contribute their perspectives and ideas during the joint discussions of the approaches presented. 
  • Fri., 19th September 2008, from 9:30h: 
    Plenary session: Presentations and discussion, Auditorium of the Luther-Melanchthon-Gymnasium, Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Neustr. 10b

Programm of the congress in English and German – summary


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Programm of the congress in English – detailed


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