Protagonists in Conversation


For the Long-term Sustainability of the Town

Videointerview with Angret Zahradnik and Holger Köhncke

"The subject of education must be viewed in the context of what out city needs in order to thrive in the future."


Campus Technicus – A promising perspective

Interview with Dr. Valentin Gramlich

"Bernburg offers a remarkable range of cultural events. The idea of a new educational scene therefore fits in with the existing structure and complements it.” 
Dr. Valentin Gramlich State Secretary for Science, Research and Culture, Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs of Saxony-Anhalt


New learning and urban environment for a school campus

Interview mit Angret Zahradnik

"We’ve always been in search of a new learning environment."
Angret Zahradnik, Acting Headmistress, Campus Technicus Bernburg


Young people need a future

Interview with Jens Kramersmeyer

"Young people again feel that they are needed and an asset for Germany as an industrial location."
Jens Kramersmeyer, Managing Director, BTZ-Bildungsgesellschaft mbh Bernburg


Info: Bernburg (Saale)

(Municipal Area of  2010)
1989: 47.761
2009: 36.029
2025: 27.265 (Future Prospect)

Municipal Area: 113,45 qkm

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