Protagonists in Conversation


We wanted the creative Approach

Interview with Dr. Martin Peschken and Detlef Weitz

"Empty space is an incredible resource. To start something new, we need the blank page."
Dr. Martin Peschken scholar of literature and cultural studies TU Braunschweig, department of architecture (left)

"We used actions to explore urban spaces and to discover the potentials of empty space."
Detlef Weitz scenographer and architect, chezweitz & roseapple, Berlin (right)


The IBA has changed Perspectives

Interview with Stefanie Rudel and Siegrun Ruprecht

"We need external stimuli of the kind the IBA brought to the city." 
Stephanie Rudel head of department for urban renewal, IBA representative for Halberstadt (left)

"It’s a matter of seeing empty space from another perspective, exploring empty space and training new ways of seeing."
Siegrun Ruprecht town planner in the urban planning department, IBA representative for Halberstadt (right)


We cultivate empty Space

Interview mit Aud Merkel

"I hope that the citizens of Halberstadt have discovered new ways of seeing things, just as one sees things better when wearing a new pair of glasses."
Aud Merkel, Chief Dramatic Advisor of the Nordharzer Städtebundtheater


Info: Halberstadt

(Municipal Area of 2010)
1989: 53.086
2009: 42.939
2025: 34.717 (Future Prospect)

Municipal Area: 142,97 qkm

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