Protagonists in Conversation


Bringing City and River closer together

Interview with Dr. Annegret Laabs

"Art is as an appropriate way of sharpening your view and obtaining a new perspective on a place."
Dr. Annegret Laabs Director of the Art Museum Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen Magdeburg


Developing an attractive Quartier

Interview with Willem van Winden

"The Science Port, the campus and the Elbe … this is simply a combination that not many cities have on show."
Willem van Winden, EU Coordinator for the das Urbact II Projekt REDIS


Magdeburg ist inconceivable without the Elbe

Interview with Dr. Dieter Scheidemann

"We have a good opportunity to move the city back to the Elbe.”
Dr. Dieter Scheidemann Director of Urban Development, Building and Transport for the City of Magdeburg


Info: Magdeburg

(Municipal Area of 2010)
1989: 290.152
2009: 229.672
2025: 208.272 (Future Prospect)

Municipal Area: 200,97 qkm

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