Protagonists in Conversation


Urban redevelopment is'nt just a matter of structural change

Videointerview with Silke Schindler (Member of the Landtag) and Monika Hoppe

About life-long learning as a fundamental role in the overall plan.


Offering a broad Range of Counseling

Interview with Birgit Kaczenski

"The Wanzlebener can be proud of their city."
Birgit Kaczenski, Initiator und Institute Director at the "Wanzlebener Tafel“


The Family Alliance continues

Interview with Monika Hoppe

"Life in a city does not function all that differently to life in a family."
Monika Hoppe City Councillor, for many years Chairperson of the Social, Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Committee


A good Place to live

Interview with Silke Schindler and Sylvia Dammering

"What happens to the people during urban redevelopment?"
Silke Schindler Former Mayor and Member of the Saxony Anhalt State Parliament

"We see the city as a family in which nobody is left alone."
Sylvia Dammering Director of the Social Welfare Office in Wanzleben


Info: Wanzleben

(Municipal Area 2010)
1989: 14.650
2009: 13.005
2025: 10.625 (Future Prospect)

Municipal Area: 162,62 qkm

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