Protagonists in Conversation


We have broken New Ground

Interview with Andreas Michelmann and Ria Uhlig

"2010 is a high point and the end of a dynamic period in the city’s development.” 
Andreas Michelmann Lord Mayor of Aschersleben

"If we’d used the standard processes of municipal administration, we wouldn’t have come so far.”
Ria Uhlig head of building and development


A good Climate for independent Schools

Interview with Dorothee Mücksch

"Everyone was agreed the school had to be up and running in time for the IBA opening in April."
Dorothee Mücksch provost (retd.), Aschersleben town councillor and chair of the independent schools’ associations of Christliche Grundschule and Adam-Olearius-Schule


The Gallery raises Awareness of Public Spaces

Interview with Ursula Achternkamp and Tom Gräbe

"The ring road is like functional underwear, where the fabric is both protective and breathable: it doesn’t have to be a ‘passion killer’.” 

Ursula Achternkamp freelance artist, appointed co-curator of the DRIVE THRU Gallery by the IBA Office in 2008


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