Protagonists in Conversation


Citizens Shape Towns – Towns Shape Citizens

Videointerview with urban planner Martina Benzko und Lord Mayor Bernward Küper

About educating people on looking after buildings.


Creating Incentives for the Quarter

Interview with Hartmut Dorsch

"Disabled people are part of everyday life.”
Hartmut Dorsch, Managing Director of Lebenshilfe Naumburg e. V.


Generating a Sense of the built Environment

Interview with Bärbel Cronau-Kretzschmar

"It’s a luxury to have so many vacant properties – if we can use them.”
Bärbel Cronau-Kretzschmar, Architect and Member of the Citizens' Association


2010 is an intermediate Stop

Interview with Christoph Hamel

"We must attract people to live in our old town.” 
Christoph Hamel, Head of Department (redd.) of Urban Development and Construction


Info: Naumburg (Saale)

(Municipal Area of 2010)
1989: 40.715
2009: 34.711
2025: 27.863 (Future Prospect)

Municipal Area: 129,88 qkm