IBA Town Network

Beyond their work with the participating towns and cities, since 2003, the IBA Urban Redevelopment 2010 has promoted the exchange of information and views on aspects of urban renewal. International conferences, specialist events, and the network, which consists of all of Saxony-Anhalt’s towns and cities addressing urban redevelopment, served as the forums for this exchange.


The IBA Town Network provides a platform for the communication and discussion of the IBA concepts and projects. It meets about twice a year and is open to all forty-four of Saxony-Anhalt’s towns receiving funding from the pro gramme Urban Restructuring in East Germany. The IBA Town Network is an important tool for the dis sem i nation the experience with the renewal progress beyond the circle of the IBA towns and for the discussion of problems on a broader basis. In other words, it serves both as a forum for the exchange of expe rience between the par tic i pating towns and cities as well as dealing with new impulses in terms of content.