IBA Principles

August 2002, Guidelines of the Cabinet regarding the setup of the IBA Stadtumbau 2010

1. Urban redevelopment concerns us all:

To communicate the interests of inhabitants, property owners, businesses and local authorities within the process of redevelopment.

  • All the forces within society are possible pioneers of urban redevelopment: inhabitants acquire space, form networks and become urban protagonists – even to the extent of being “city founders”.
  • Urban redevelopment emerges when the economic aims of private owners and property companies are attuned to and comply with the interests of future users. The local authority’s task is to direct this process of negotiation.
  • Environmental pioneers with innovative patterns of action unloose unconventional possibilities within existing structures – this is particularly true of young people and those setting up in business, whose economic independence is therefore fostered.
  • Subsidised free time for residents is coupled with free space for acquisition and the creation of wealth. The result is a stimulus to economic independence and an increase in private residential property in the inner city areas.