IBA Principles

August 2002, Guidelines of the Cabinet regarding the setup of the IBA Stadtumbau 2010

4. Model projects define redevelopment:

To redevelop the cities in an attractive way by means of experimental design and innovative combinations of use.

  • Existing building structures and city contours are interpreted and dedicated in a new way; large structures that can no longer be used are divided into manageable units and converted for new usages.
  • Experiments in urban development, expressed in individual projects of redevelopment, represent links between work and life, leisure time and culture. These links are directed towards combinations of use in individual buildings and districts – that is, towards creation of the “urban” on a smaller and compacter scale.
  • Model projects for urban redevelopment are not only planned in the selected areas of subsidy, but also for other city districts which are especially important for the development of the city structure.
  • As well as the demolition of buildings, forms of preservation which underline the profile of the districts should be examined – new building also furthers the aim to create profile.